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Looking to the future     

Future holds bright promise

Doubts over continuation of racing at Bangalore due to adverse High Court order has placed an additional responsibility on the Mysore Race Club. The club is gearing up to face the challenge if racing were to come to a standstill at Bangalore.

The Mysore Race Club is expanding the scale of facilities provided to racing professionals and its patrons. The club is in the process of building about 800 stables and the work is expected to complete by October, 2010. This measure will go a long way in accommodating more horses at this centre and also help Mysore Race Club realize its long term ambition of becoming an independent turf authority.

Mysore Race Club acknowledges with gratitude the warm and generous patronage extended by its patrons to the Club. While a number of measures have been taken, we know that a lot more needs to be done. In the coming years, it will be our sustained endeavor to introduce measures that will amplify your comfort and pleasure and make racing more competitive and professional. In the pipeline is equine swimming pool, improvement of the stables, large vision screens, betting shops around the city and greater corporate sponsorship.

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