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Highlights of the last decade     

Grand Stand decked up
The Mysore Race Club undertook major repair work to its century old Grand Stand. The stand was strengthened and the roof was replaced with a new one. The upper tier of the stand is exclusively reserved for members and boasts of excellent facilities including an air conditioned lounge.

In keeping with the demands of the professionals and race horse trainers, a separate room has been provided for them to relax during the conduct of racing. A new wing in the Grand Stand has been given exclusively for use of race horse owners. The number of tote counters at the owners' area has also been increased.

More than 50 additional television sets have been installed at vantage points for the viewing pleasure of race goers. The Bookmakers' Ring has been spruced up. Seating areas around the trees have been aesthetically designed. MRC is, now, free from dust and pollution.

In keeping up with the tradition of health care, which is of prime importance in the dictum of the Mysore Race Club agenda, an additional medical Room for Jockeys and Syces has been set up.

A new starting gate designed and conforming to international standards is in operation.


a) Installation of V SAT
b) Live telecast of Racing for better revenue generation.
c) Revamping of the canteen to provide better amenities for the public.
d) New Television sets at vantage points.
e) Wide angle Television sets for better viewing.
f) Ambience around the Bookmarkers' Ring improved
g) Seating around the trees to make for a relaxed atmosphere.
h) Everything done to make MRC environment friendly.
i) Better parking areas to avoid congestion.
j) Installation of generators for uninterrupted power supply.
l) Digital quality broadcast on the anvil.
m) A new sampling yard constructed.
n) New starting gate conforming to international standards in operation.
o) Medical Room for Jockeys and Syces upgraded.
p) An x-ray Machine added in the Equine Hospital.
q) Continuing with the welfare measures for the community a La Hong Kong Jockey Club.
r) In the process of generating more corporate sponsorship.
t) A cafeteria for racing professionals, adjoining the Stewards' Room.
u) Bringing the Corporate Office under one umbrella.

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