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Coming to the rescue of all turf clubs

Mysore Race Club now contributes more than 50 days of racing and this has helped ease the financial burden of other turf clubs in the country as races held here very popular. At a time when most race clubs in the country were feeling financial crisis, the introduction of mini seaons helped all turf clubs in the countrys ignificantly.

Racing in Mysore has also helped owners to race their horses for longer periods. Before the Mysore mini seasons were started, owners were at a disadvantage as horses had to be retired as early as six years in several centers but now they have an extended lease of almost three years. This has helped more race horse owners to stay in the sport.

The Mysore Race Club is making every effort towards becoming an independent turf authority. The Mysore Race Club adopted the policy of minimum dependence on BTC under whose rules of racing it races by hiring its own officials to do all racing related work. Today Mysore has its own independent handicapper and stipendiary stewards. Only the Chief Stipendiary Steward of Bangalore however is the overall supervisory official. The Mysore Race Club has also expanded its veterinary hospital and has a team of doctors to take care of the needs of the horses based in Mysore.

The Stake money has been continuously hiked to bring it to the levels offered in other parts of the country. There are about 400 Mysore based hoses and dependency on the participation of outstation horses during its main season has come down significantly. With the Bangalore Turf Club facing an uncertain future, Mysore Race Club is making all efforts to fill in the breach should the eventuality come about.

Collections on the club operated pools are showing a healthy increase so much so that in years to come, this income will help the club to be financially independent.

In the event of a shutdown of Bangalore racing due to the unfortunate tussle with the government, Mysore Race Club is expected to play a major role and the club is geared to come to the resuce of racing all over again.

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