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~~~Welcome to Mysore Race Club Ltd~~~Mysore Race Club Granted Independent Turf Authority Status.

About Mysore Race Club
The Mysore Race Club is the most picturesque in the country. Set up in the foothills of the imposing Chamundi Hills, the Mysore Race Club has a distinct identity of its own. The languid atmosphere is perhaps the reflection of the city which has grown tremendously in the last decade without losing its old world charm.

Racing in Mysore is now a year round activity. Not long ago racing was confined to the monsoon months of August, September and October but with a base of over 400 horses,Mysore is slowly marching towards establishing itself as an independent turf authority in the country.With the Bangalore Turf Club running into turbulence and the fate of racing at the premier centre hanging in balance beyond September 22, 2010, Mysore is expected to take the lead.

Mysore Race Club is more than a century old. The Mysore Race Club celebrated its centenary year as far back as 1991. Racing started in Mysore under the patronage of the rulers of Mysore as far back as 1891. Read
Beyond Thankful wins feature (21/07/2014)

Beyond Thankful (Anil BaandMr.Al.Rm.Nagappan, Member of committee, Mysore Race club Ltd, presenting the BOL Publication Trophy

Beyond Thankful (Anil Baandal up) winner of the BOL Publication Trophy, being led in by trainer Bipin Salvi

Miss International (Melvyn Maseyk up) winner of the Sindhu Plate (Div-I), being led in by trainer C D Monappa

Go Man Go (M Rajesh Kumar up) winner of the Narmada Plate, being led in by trainer V Appachu

Gaup (M Rajesh Kumar up) winner of the Sindhu Plate (Div-II), being led in by trainer P C Tejaswi

Murcilago (D Gnaneshwar up) winner of the Golden Fantasy Plate, being led in by Mr.K B Appaiah & trainer C D Monappa

Beautiful Life (M Rajesh Kumar up) winner of the Nadir Plate, being led in by trainer V Appachu

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